"Shirty's Laser Video Game fit perfectly within our evenings programming at the museum during one of our Science After Hours events which focuses on adult audiences. The event was on the science behind video games both old and new and his setup was highly engaging and added an element of gaming that night which stood out from many of the other presenters. This was the second time working with Shirty, the first time being with his laser drum kit, and it is always great to see that level of facilitator-audience engagement"

- Adam Piazza, Adult Programs Specialist, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, USA

"Shirty did a fantastic job tailoring the lesson to the interests and needs of 6th-grade boys. He chose great songs to use and showed the boys the ways you can make music without playing an instrument. All of our students loved interacting with the lasers and had a blast making music and listening to their classmates' creations. The entire presentation fit nicely into our school's focus on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics) education and would be a great addition to any school interested in STEAM."

- Jeffrey Moore, Music Chair, Saint David's School, New York City, USA

"Shirty brilliantly played for and facilitated hands-on sessions with a huge variety of visitors for the Museum of Science and Industry's Light Fantastic event. Everyone loved him and his fantastic kit - from teens to grandparents to young families. We had reams of excellent feedback mentioning him and saw fascination on every face! For our Friday night event, he was a total hit with the audience of on-trend young professionals. Throughout the event, he was professional, helpful and engaging"

- Kay Gammie, Contemporary Science Event Developer
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK

"The laser drum kit workshop was simply amazing! Nothing like I have ever seen before, and as a producer stepping away from using my keyboard and computer and actually using my hands and legs to trigger different sound was a great experience. It felt better then just clicking in or recording in sound through a keyboard. I definitely would recommend anyone to try this out, it's a whole new experience."

- Nazmul Hoque, Music & Media Manager
Raw Material, London, UK

Laser Drums was so popular at our event, we brought it back later in the year! All of our audiences, young and old, were queuing to have a play and experience something like never before. Shirty is confident and with such detailed knowledge of his kit, it made booking something that involved lasers very simple.

- Georgina Cooke, Programmes Developer
National Media Museum, Bradford, UK

"Having seen his laser drum at the Science Museum earlier this year, I was impressed by its adaptability to be an impressive musical instrument in these two somewhat different settings. It was very energising to see something different and engaging. Seeing him enjoy himself whilst producing music was refreshing and a break from the 'moody cool' musician look. It was innovative and creative, inviting us to question how music is played and received."

- Audience member at Surya, London, UK

"Shirty's performance was one of the most original, exciting performances I've seen in London or elsewhere. The room was packed with people dancing and cheering at the laser drum kit. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next."

- Audience member at Surya, London, UK