29.01.16 // SURYA LONDON

It was great to support Teen Daze at Surya on the London date of his european tour.

The laser drum kit was especially well received by a packed room full of clubbers and the Funktion One system in the venue was a delight.

Audience feedback

"Shirty got the place jumping with his blend of live trance and his unique DIY laser drumkit. Every time he sprinkled magic dust in the air the crowd went wild! Jean Michel Jarre, eat your heart out."

"Shirty's performance was one of the most original, exciting performances I've seen in London or elsewhere. The room was packed with people dancing and cheering at the laser drum kit."

"Having seen his laser drum at the Science Museum earlier this year, I was impressed by its adaptability to be an impressive musical instrument in these two somewhat different settings. It was very energising to see something different and engaging. Seeing him enjoy himself whilst producing music was refreshing and a break from the 'moody cool' musician look. It was innovative and creative, inviting us to question how music is played and received."