Gift Economy UK Tour
Summer 2016

In Summer 2016 I took a two week spontaneous tour around the south of England. I wanted to explore gift economy and I planned to fund the tour, in part, by performing music. It was a positive experience.

Making introductions in person and sharing info about my laser drum kit, I played spontaneous gigs at the YHA Hostel in Bristol on 22nd June

Photo, Laser drumming at YHA Bristol UK Photo, Laser drumming at YHA Bristol UK Photo, Laser drumming at YHA Bristol UK

As a gesture, I helped repair my uncle's car in return for board in Nottingham.

The Jam Cafe there offered me a same-day slot on Saturday the 25th June.
The bar paid me in food and drinks and the appreciative audience gave generously after my performance.

My Buskers Cap, Jam Cafe Nottingham UK

On the 27th June I was joined by friends at Rough Trade in Nottingham and we jammed together using the laser drum kit.

And later in the week I performed at a private party for a co-operative community in London where adults and children attended and later made music with the laser drums. I was well fed, given a room for a couple of days and spent time with some good people.

In July, I played live gigs at The Spirit of Gravity in Brighton, and OSC in Brighton; a community night where people who invent musical instruments and technology can share their works in progress.


EMF Festival, August

And my summer drew to a close with a main stage performance at the brilliant EMF Festival. It's been called "the UK's Burning Man".

Photo, Shirty Music at Electro Magnetic Field Festival, Stage A, August 2016

It was a fulfilling summer and I'm planning to do it again. I'd highly recommend travelling and performing with a gift economy approach.