In January, I spent an exciting 4 days at the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester), where I was asked to exhibit my laser drum kit as part of their 'Light Fantastic' event.

Key Stage 2 and 3 children attended the event on Thursday and Friday and had a great time trying out laser drumming.

On Friday night the warehouse exhibition space was transformed into a night club. Three hundred and fifty people attended a party where I performed improvised electronic music and party anthems using the laser drum kit. The laser beams had the crowd cheering!

In the weekend that followed, families visited the museum, and the laser drum kit had sizeable queues of people wanting to play on it. Of the hundreds of kids that tried laser drumming I was aware that they all had something of the same curiosity to learn and understand. It was a fulfilling experience to engage young minds with music and science.

Kay Gammie, Contemporary Science Event Developer at MOSI kindly provided this testimonial:

"Shirty brilliantly played for and facilitated hands-on sessions with a huge variety of visitors for the Museum of Science and Industry's Light Fantastic event. Everyone loved him and his fantastic kit - from teens to grandparents to young families. We had reams of excellent feedback mentioning him and saw fascination on every face! For our Friday night event, he was a total hit with the audience of on-trend young professionals. Throughout the event, he was professional, helpful and engaging"

photos and videos

Photo, laser drum kit at MOSI, January 2016

Photo, laser drum kit at MOSI, January 2016

Photo, laser drum kit at MOSI, January 2016