I was asked to attend 1Xtra's Academy at Bradford College as part of the BBC's "Make it Digital" programme.

Aimed at encouraging young people to pursue skills in electronics and computing, the "Make it Digital" theme was a good fit with my homemade laser drum kit, which I designed and built in my front room to allow me to explore new ways of performing electronic music and improvising music in a live environment.

The BBC asked me to give an overview of how I designed and built the instrument and to offer attendees a chance to play on it.

I shared this PDF explaining how I set about turning the idea for my laser drum kit into reality.

The 8 hour event was a success and my installation was met by many inspired, curious and happy faces.

Students and members of the public attended the event which was publicised live on BBC Radio 1Xtra from an outside broadcast at the event.

photos and videos